Why Should You Choose Elase Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment?


Elase laser utilizes a diode platform that is comfortable to the patients’ skin for the hair removal. The doctor will ask you to shave off the hair in the targeted area prior to the treatment. Elase laser hair removal offers effective permanent hair reduction, which can significantly reduce the amount of hair growth in a regime. For most people, they only shave the area of the body that is too hairy. There is no longer any need for shaving by significantly reducing hair growth permanently.

Elaser laser reduce hair growth by destroying the hair root. The hair will shed on its own after the laser treatment. You must undergo a series of treatment to completely destroy the hair root to prevent new hair growth. Waxing is a conventional method for removing body hair but waxing can remove some of your skin while attempting to remove the hair.

Shaving only remove the hair above the epidermis. In fact, shaving will encourage the hair to grow back at a faster rate. If you choose to shave yourself, you will have to set aside time to shave daily. Elase laser treatment usually lasts for 15 minutes and you only have to undergo 3 or more sessions so it is able to save your time.

Every treatment will reduce the amount of new hair growth in the next cycle and there will also be changes on the new hair texture. Reducing the hair amount and hair coarseness will also decrease the growth of ingrown hair. Elase laser hair removal will work even if there is only a little hair growth. Normally, you will pay for a 4 treatment sessions at one time. The clinic may offers discount or free session when you purchase the laser hair treatment.

Elase laser treatment merges two types of energy including optical and RF energy. The combination of optical and RF energy makes the hair laser removal treatment even safer. Only the targeted region will absorb the light. The light that is absorbed will be converted into heat and destroy the hair cells. Elase Plus hair removal laser treatment is effective regardless of your hair or skin color.

After you completed the required number of sessions, you may be required to attend maintenance course. Maintenance course is scheduled for every 3 months to 1 year. The result of the Elase Plus laser treatment for hair removal varies across different patients. Following the treatment, the treated hair follicles may have some swelling which can last for up to 3 days. There may be a feeling that the treated area is being burned so you should avoid hot baths or going into the steam room.

Prior to the treatment, make sure you avoid applying things like synthetic fillers, topical creams, and cosmetic on the skin. Both deodorant and perfume spray should be avoided in the laser removal treatment. For post treatment, you must not expose yourself to the sun or go for tanning session for at least 1 month. Doing so can change your skin tone to a darker tone at a faster rate.